Bistro on Park Whiskey Club


There are two segments to the club:  

A:  Registered Members’ bottle club

B:  Thursday evening “education” sessions



A:  The Bottle Club

To be a member, individuals  21 years old or older must register with the Owners of the Bistro.

Members understand that all laws pertaining to an establishment holding a liquor license for on-premises consumption in the State of Florida still apply.


Members may bring in their own 750ml or 1.0 litre bottle of a favorite distilled beverage.  That bottle is available to them during regular business hours of the Bistro.

Each time they come to the bar, Members will be charged a service fee which includes Set-ups (soda, cola, lemon wedge), service, etc.   


The Member’s bottle will be tagged with the Member’s Name and a “Consumption strip” to be marked by the Member before the bottle is put away at the end of each stay,


Members will also receive special “Member Only” pricing on restaurant items (currently 10% on all menu items.  Hours and amount of the special pricing are at the discretion of the owners.  


B:  The Education Session


The Bistro will provide a monthly “whiskey education feature” for members.

On designated evenings a whiskey expert will be available to guide both patrons of the restaurant and Whiskey Club Members through a “whiskey flight” of four or five selected items to enhance the individual’s understanding and appreciation of  the subject.

Examples:   Single-barrel bourbons, or Single Malt Scotchs from Speyside.


The Education flight will be one-ounce pours, with accompanying explanation.

The flights will be available at special pricing for Members.

Whiskies (and other items, such as rums) will also be available “over the bar”  to patrons and Members, which will expand the inventory of the “Bistro Bar”


Sample release from the Bistro:   Resevation @ E-Mail: bistroparkavenue@yahoo.com  (Whiskey Club)


On Thursday 28. March, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm

Reid Rapport, Guild-certified Sommelier will be in the Bistro “back bar”
to sample and explain some top-shelf whiskies,

This is your chance to explore the difference in quality between new standards for whiskies

This Month: March

*Johnnie Walker Double Black

*Redemption”c Aged Rye

*Blanton’s Small Batch Bourbon

*Bushmill’s 10 year old single malt Irish Whiskey

Your cost for the entire “sample flight” – one ounce of each whiskey, is only $20 –

The price includes a 1oz. sample of each of the four whiskies, plus bread and cheese, AND fresh-from-the-oven Margherita pizza

Stop in any time between 5:30 & 8:30 on Thursday and find out how much you can find out!!  Your taste buds will thank you!


NOTE:  You may register at any time with Hugo or Erica


For additional information,  please call Erica or Hugo at The Bistro  4075396520


The concept will build business for the Bistro’s regular bar customers.

It will also build the inventory of top-shelf items for the bar.

Hopefully we can get some support from the wholesalers/distiller representatives to obtain excellent pricing for these very marketable whiskies which fight for shelf space.